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  1. Bayesian Image-on-Scalar Regression with a Spatial Global-Local Spike-and-Slab Prior
    Zijian Zeng, Meng Li, and Marina Vannucci
    Bayesian Analysis, Mar 2024
    Publisher: International Society for Bayesian Analysis


  1. YAEL_GraphicalAbstract.jpg
    YAEL: Your Advanced Electrode Localizer
    eNeuro, Oct 2023
  2. Intracranial stimulation and EEG feature analysis reveal affective salience network specialization
    Brian A. Metzger, Prathik Kalva, Madaline M. Mocchi, Brian Cui, and 13 more authors
    Brain: A Journal of Neurology, Oct 2023
  3. Functional group bridge for simultaneous regression and support estimation
    Biometrics, Jun 2023


  1. Imaging versus electrographic connectivity in human mood-related fronto-temporal networks
    Joshua A. Adkinson, Evangelia Tsolaki, Sameer A. ShethBrian A. Metzger, and 14 more authors
    Brain Stimulation, May 2022


  1. RAVE_Neuroimage_Cover.jpg
    RAVE: Comprehensive open-source software for reproducible analysis and visualization of intracranial EEG data
    NeuroImage, Dec 2020
  2. Responses to Visual Speech in Human Posterior Superior Temporal Gyrus Examined with iEEG Deconvolution
    Brian A. MetzgerJohn F. MagnottiZhengjia Wang, Elizabeth Nesbitt, and 3 more authors
    The Journal of Neuroscience: The Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience, Sep 2020


  1. The visual speech head start improves perception and reduces superior temporal cortex responses to auditory speech
    Patrick J KarasJohn F MagnottiBrian A Metzger, Lin L Zhu, and 3 more authors
    eLife, Aug 2019
    Publisher: eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd